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Increasing Profits through Customer Experience Management
Schmalensee Partners can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences that set you apart from the competition. We have successfully helped clients for over 25 years build customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy through customer experience management.
Although the exact figures vary from industry to industry, converting a sometime customer to a loyal advocate through customer experience management usually has a return of three to five times the cost.
When our clients improve their customer experiences, their customers buy more, more often, and more consistently and act as advocates to bring in additional customers.
You may need our services if:
Valued customers have cut back or turned to your competitors for reasons they are reluctant to discuss.
New sales have slowed or your sales conversion rate declined. (Have you encountered negative blogs or twitter from customers?)
Upcoming mergers, restructuring or operational changes cause concern about retaining your customers.
Market share or ranking in your industry is declining while competitors pull ahead.
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