Making Organizations Successful

Schmalensee Partners specializes in clients that provide a service because this is where customer experience management matters most.

  • Most of our clients compete in service industries (such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, hospitality, retailing, engineering, aviation services, education or professional services). Others are manufacturers that compete on the basis of their customer service and product support.
  • We work with clients of all sizes and types, from large for-profit corporations to small non-profits or start ups.
  • We are comfortable working with managers at all levels – from the Board and CEO to mid-level – and in all functions (including marketing, marketing research, quality management, operations, information technology and customer service).

With our help, many clients have won prestigious awards for their outstanding performance.    Among their awards are:

  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence
  • Florida’s Governor Sterling Quality Award
  • Virginia’s U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award
  • Massachusetts Performance Excellence Award (at various levels)
  • When Work Works Award – many years (Formerly Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence)
  • Winning Workplaces Hall of Fame
  • James W. West Quality Improvement Award

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