Diane Schmalensee

Schmalensee Partners combines expertise in two critical disciplines – marketing research and change management – that are the building blocks of customer experience management. Clients appreciate the value we provide through our actionable research and data-driven customer experience management.

Schmalensee Partners founder, Diane Schmalensee, has over 25 years of experience in customer experience management (CEM).  She combines a background in two disciplines – marketing research and quality or change management – that are the building blocks of CEM.  She serves or has served on the Board of Directors of nearly a dozen organizations and is comfortable working with managers at all levels and in many departments – including marketing, marketing research, quality, information technology, operations and customer service.

Diane has personally helped over 40 organizations build customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy through improved  customer experiences.  Clients hire Diane when they face challenging situations that require experience, agility, credibility and connections, and many of her clients have been recognized for their outstanding performance.